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Lady Gaga wears bbrown!

We’ve spotted glitter in many different places: tv shows, windows displays, performances, fashion… and it’s not surprising, glitter has something that attracts to everyone: it is glamorous, stylish, unconventional… it’s perfect for any stunning look.

That’s probably the reason why Lady Gaga’s stylist didn’t take too long to contact Christian Cowan-Sanluis after he designed his bbrown Glitter Collection.

Lady Gaga wore this Pink Glitter suit with matching hat to the 92.3 radio interview. Have a look at the pictures, they talk by themselves!

Lady gaga



Glitter Suit

Glitter trausers 2


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Bbrown in the diary room

The show might be over, but at bbrown, we cannot stop looking at the most controversial room in the Big Brother house: the diary room.

Its successful futuristic look was achieved with the help of our bbrown 3D Decor tiles sprayed in gold. Doesn’t it look stunning?


But there’s not the only part of the house where we’ve spotted bbrown materials, have a look at the good use of bbrown glitter and 3D Decor tiles in the pictures bellow.

Glitter_ Working room

Glitter working room

Pink Tiles

Golden tiles