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“Poppies on The Green.”

Poppies on The Green.”  29th Oct – 11th Nov 2014

A temporary memorial for the Childwickbury Fallen of WW1

“Have you news of my boy Jack?”

Not this tide.

“When d’you think that he’ll come back?”

Not with this wind blowing and this tide.

 This is the first verse of a poem written by Rudyard Kipling in remembrance of his son who was killed during the First World War. The loss it speaks of, that of a parent for their child is universally understood and which transcends religion, race and border.

As a member of the “Battlefield Trust”, a charity dedicated to the preservation of battle site heritage, I was keen to take the opportunity of this centenary year and find some way to mark the passing of the 16 Childwickbury men who lived and worked on the estate and who lost their lives in this same conflict.

Throughout various projects we often have cause to ask the questions, “Why we should remember?” And, “What form remembrance should take?” the simple truth is this, that loss, remembrance, and commemoration mean different things to different people.

With this in mind it was a challenge to find a fitting way to celebrate these men, who unlike so many others, have no permanent memorial. In the end however, it is the men themselves who speak the loudest.


For the two weeks leading up to Armistice Day, an installation of 16 large, identical poppies populated the village green and its surrounding area, a place the men would have known well.  Each bloom beard the name, age and address of a single man. For these two weeks they stood sentinel, while present day residents and visitors went about their daily lives. Supported on rods made from wood gathered around the estate, they existed apart from the fabric of the green, in the village, but no longer of it. For a short while both time lines converging.


These memorial poppies invited residents, visitors and passers-by to take a moment to reflect and consider in their own private way not what separates us, but what binds us together, the fact that we, all of us, walk in their shoes.

The intention of this piece was not the glorification of war, religion or state, but was simply this, an opportunity to say their names aloud.

Andie Hill   No1. Childwick Green. (Adaptation for bbrown)

SONY DSCPoppies: Rowlux, Glitter & Flex 


Glittery White Christmas

For bbrown, it’s not only White Christmas, it is a Glittery White Christmas. Glitter, our most popular fabric, is perfect for this season, and this year, white glitter seems to be the star.

Here The white company, have created a magic effect in their window display using white glitter which gives the effect of falling snow. Beautiful!

But not only white, bbrown glitter is available in a range of colours to cover most requirements including gold, green, red, white, black, purple, silver, bronze… Have a look for yourself by visiting BBrown online… And have a glittery Christmas!



We love Halloween

We love Halloweeeeen! It’s the time of brewing & bubbling, bats & black cats, broomsticks & bumps in the night.

We also love to get into the party mood so here’s a few quick & clever ideas we’ve brewed up for you to spook up your Halloween.



Dunking for apples can be a tricky & wet affair!


Polished PVC makes an excellent water proof, glossy contemporary table cover and more importantly, you can colour theme you party table. Here we have used POL PVC 809 orange.


Here we used Polished PVC 301 Black – blacker than a witch’s cat on Halloween night.

At bbrown we can’t resist a bit of bling so why not create animals such as rooks & crows, spiders or even the black cat from glitter Disco or Jazz fabrics.

Now the table looks fab, lets sort out the garden.

We made these little guys which hang easily from trees, posts or wall hooks.



Super quick to make!  We used for each – a balloon, a piece of FR 10ft Sheeting in White (1m would make up to 6 large ghosts)  a permanent black maker & some black wool.

The garden summerhouse is a perfect pad for a spooky setting. It has its own resident spiders after all 🙂


Now its starting to feel like a Halloween party for all the family.


This family of ghosts will come to life when it gets dark 🙂

To create these you will need bb FR White Muslin 3 balloons & 3 garden sticks and some sticky tape – easy eh!

Darkness closes in & the spooky summerhouse takes on a different look.


Pumpkins , candles , lanterns & glitter crows sparkle . Even the Glitter Jazz decorated ceiling sparkles like a sky full of twinkling stars. To achieve this look for a very well dressed ceiling we used Glitter Jazz & Murabond heavy adhesive.

A chill descends and a fire is lit……………………………



This amazing effect is created using bbrown illusion film Rowlux 2- toned PC13-0- 43

And round the fire they danced……………………..


See these and more bbrown terrifying fabrics here.

Lady Gaga wears bbrown!

We’ve spotted glitter in many different places: tv shows, windows displays, performances, fashion… and it’s not surprising, glitter has something that attracts to everyone: it is glamorous, stylish, unconventional… it’s perfect for any stunning look.

That’s probably the reason why Lady Gaga’s stylist didn’t take too long to contact Christian Cowan-Sanluis after he designed his bbrown Glitter Collection.

Lady Gaga wore this Pink Glitter suit with matching hat to the 92.3 radio interview. Have a look at the pictures, they talk by themselves!

Lady gaga



Glitter Suit

Glitter trausers 2


Do you like it? See more products here.


Bbrown in the diary room

The show might be over, but at bbrown, we cannot stop looking at the most controversial room in the Big Brother house: the diary room.

Its successful futuristic look was achieved with the help of our bbrown 3D Decor tiles sprayed in gold. Doesn’t it look stunning?


But there’s not the only part of the house where we’ve spotted bbrown materials, have a look at the good use of bbrown glitter and 3D Decor tiles in the pictures bellow.

Glitter_ Working room

Glitter working room

Pink Tiles

Golden tiles