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Jane Bowler uses bbrown in her designs!

Innovative, bold and experimental are just three words to describe the London based Jane Bowler brand. It is clear from Jane’s recent nomination for the honoured ‘Material Innovation Award’ (supported by the Clothworkers foundation) that material choice is hugely central to the brand, hence the strong relationship which has been built between Jane Bowler and bbrown.

The aesthetics of stand-out colours and geometric shapes are complimented by the variety of materials which we are able to use from bbrown, at Jane Bowler. Some of the favourites which have been used throughout the collections are the Glitter Jazz and Polished PVC plastics. Whilst in the upcoming weeks the ROWLUX  Illusion films will be incorporated into Jane Bowler in a new way; as part of the materials used in a new shop window display all the way across the globe at H Lorenzo in Los Angeles. It is currently an exciting time for the Jane Bowler brand, especially with the marathon of fashion weeks, which is just around the corner.

Jane 2

Inspired by the possibility of creating ‘wearable art’, each collection has its own distinctive style but still all belong to the innovation and ambition which drive the brand forward. Each season brings more experimentation with materials, techniques and shape which contribute to Jane Bowlers growing position within the luxury market as well as increasing features across fashion press, both online and in print.

Jane 1

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Are you looking to start your career in Marketing or Business Administration?

We have two exciting opportunities to join our Marketing and Product teams so you can train and gain experience!

You will either work with the Marketing team in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, or the Product and Sampling teams in East Peckham, Kent.

Successful apprentices will spend their time assisting the team with various tasks at the same time as learning new skills.

You will receive training on the job while also studying for a qualification in either Digital Social Media or Business Administration, funded by the company.

If you are enthusiastic, willing to learn and ready to start your career, please contact Vicky Smith to find out more.

Vicky Smith, HR Manager, Muraspec, 74-78 Wood Lane End, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 4RF or T: 01442 883046

Closing date 19th January 2015

Red Glitter carpet for Celebrity Big Brother… How glam!

It may be cold outside darlings, but 2015 looks set to be hot, hot, hot as Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother launched live, onto our TV sets on Wednesday evening.

And this year’s line-up is sure to hit boiling point more than once during their stay in the house.

So who was the best entrance down the red carpet?

Can’t tell ya! We were too busy admiring the red carpet! That glittering Glitter red carpet…  How glam!

Big brother wire image  Big brother Lia Toby_WENN

[Photo credit: Wireimage,]

Big brother Empics2  Celebrity-Big-Brother Empics

[Photo credit: Empics enterteinment]



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Christmas window displays in NYC

Have you ever had the chance to see the wonderful Christmas window displays in the New York streets?

Our colleague Tracey was so lucky to be in New York last week, and she’s brought back with her a collection of pictures of some fabulous Christmas displays. Have a look!

Anthropologie – our favourite! They featured little birds made from brightly coloured scrap paper.

Anthropologie  (2)

Anthropologie  (3)

Anthropologie  (12)

Anthropologie  (1)

Anthropologie  (13)

Anthropologie  (6)

Saks – An Enchanted Experience

Saks - An Enchanted Experience  (10)

Saks - An Enchanted Experience  (6)

Saks - An Enchanted Experience  (1)

Tommy Hilfiger 5th Avenue

Tommy Hilfiger  5th Ave  (2)

Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor  (1)

Lord and Taylor  (7)

Lord and Taylor  (4)

Lord and Taylor  (12)



Tiffanys (3)

Tiffanys (4)


Important announcement!

We’re pleased to announce that a range of Polished PVC is now available with EU fire certification.

Certifications are available upon request.

Give us a call to learn more!

Or visit

Polished PVC: Test EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Result – B-s1,d0


“Poppies on The Green.”

Poppies on The Green.”  29th Oct – 11th Nov 2014

A temporary memorial for the Childwickbury Fallen of WW1

“Have you news of my boy Jack?”

Not this tide.

“When d’you think that he’ll come back?”

Not with this wind blowing and this tide.

 This is the first verse of a poem written by Rudyard Kipling in remembrance of his son who was killed during the First World War. The loss it speaks of, that of a parent for their child is universally understood and which transcends religion, race and border.

As a member of the “Battlefield Trust”, a charity dedicated to the preservation of battle site heritage, I was keen to take the opportunity of this centenary year and find some way to mark the passing of the 16 Childwickbury men who lived and worked on the estate and who lost their lives in this same conflict.

Throughout various projects we often have cause to ask the questions, “Why we should remember?” And, “What form remembrance should take?” the simple truth is this, that loss, remembrance, and commemoration mean different things to different people.

With this in mind it was a challenge to find a fitting way to celebrate these men, who unlike so many others, have no permanent memorial. In the end however, it is the men themselves who speak the loudest.


For the two weeks leading up to Armistice Day, an installation of 16 large, identical poppies populated the village green and its surrounding area, a place the men would have known well.  Each bloom beard the name, age and address of a single man. For these two weeks they stood sentinel, while present day residents and visitors went about their daily lives. Supported on rods made from wood gathered around the estate, they existed apart from the fabric of the green, in the village, but no longer of it. For a short while both time lines converging.


These memorial poppies invited residents, visitors and passers-by to take a moment to reflect and consider in their own private way not what separates us, but what binds us together, the fact that we, all of us, walk in their shoes.

The intention of this piece was not the glorification of war, religion or state, but was simply this, an opportunity to say their names aloud.

Andie Hill   No1. Childwick Green. (Adaptation for bbrown)

SONY DSCPoppies: Rowlux, Glitter & Flex 

Glittery White Christmas

For bbrown, it’s not only White Christmas, it is a Glittery White Christmas. Glitter, our most popular fabric, is perfect for this season, and this year, white glitter seems to be the star.

Here The white company, have created a magic effect in their window display using white glitter which gives the effect of falling snow. Beautiful!

But not only white, bbrown glitter is available in a range of colours to cover most requirements including gold, green, red, white, black, purple, silver, bronze… Have a look for yourself by visiting BBrown online… And have a glittery Christmas!