bbrown and ESSA – 30 years and counting

bbrown became an early member of BECA (British Exhibition and Contractors Association), as we were the leading supplier in UK of fire rated fabrics and display materials. Being part of the Association promoted our own brand and we enjoyed many years supplying miles and miles of polished PVC and Felt to an ever evolving industry. Technology was still in its infancy and being part of BECA we had immediate contact to both customers and other businesses working in the market.

In 2007 when BECA merged with AEC (Association of Exhibition Contractors) to become ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association), bbrown had no reservations in joining the new Association. We could see the market changing and felt we needed the support of like-minded companies and customers to move our own business forward. We have stayed confident being a part of the Association and now, as part of the Muraspec Group of Companies, we are still supplying PVC and Felt as well as more fashionable display materials including Glitter fabric and light reflective polycarbonates. We feel that we continue to benefit from the contact with ESSA members to help us stay current in a fast moving industry.


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