Jane Bowler uses bbrown in her designs!

Innovative, bold and experimental are just three words to describe the London based Jane Bowler brand. It is clear from Jane’s recent nomination for the honoured ‘Material Innovation Award’ (supported by the Clothworkers foundation) that material choice is hugely central to the brand, hence the strong relationship which has been built between Jane Bowler and bbrown.

The aesthetics of stand-out colours and geometric shapes are complimented by the variety of materials which we are able to use from bbrown, at Jane Bowler. Some of the favourites which have been used throughout the collections are the Glitter Jazz and Polished PVC plastics. Whilst in the upcoming weeks the ROWLUX  Illusion films will be incorporated into Jane Bowler in a new way; as part of the materials used in a new shop window display all the way across the globe at H Lorenzo in Los Angeles. It is currently an exciting time for the Jane Bowler brand, especially with the marathon of fashion weeks, which is just around the corner.

Jane 2

Inspired by the possibility of creating ‘wearable art’, each collection has its own distinctive style but still all belong to the innovation and ambition which drive the brand forward. Each season brings more experimentation with materials, techniques and shape which contribute to Jane Bowlers growing position within the luxury market as well as increasing features across fashion press, both online and in print.

Jane 1

To find our more about bbrown click here, to find out more about Jane Bowler click here.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luvbbrown 

Twitter: @luvbbrown

Jane Bowler:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JaneBowlerDesignStudio

Twitter: @JaneBowler

Instagram: @janebowler


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