bbrown and ESSA – 30 years and counting

bbrown became an early member of BECA (British Exhibition and Contractors Association), as we were the leading supplier in UK of fire rated fabrics and display materials. Being part of the Association promoted our own brand and we enjoyed many years supplying miles and miles of polished PVC and Felt to an ever evolving industry. Technology was still in its infancy and being part of BECA we had immediate contact to both customers and other businesses working in the market.

In 2007 when BECA merged with AEC (Association of Exhibition Contractors) to become ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association), bbrown had no reservations in joining the new Association. We could see the market changing and felt we needed the support of like-minded companies and customers to move our own business forward. We have stayed confident being a part of the Association and now, as part of the Muraspec Group of Companies, we are still supplying PVC and Felt as well as more fashionable display materials including Glitter fabric and light reflective polycarbonates. We feel that we continue to benefit from the contact with ESSA members to help us stay current in a fast moving industry.


bbrown Springs into 2018 with Sparkling New Ranges

We’re delighted to announce the launch of two new product ranges for 2018 at the forthcoming VM & Display Show and Retail Design Expo, this Spring.

18-01-31 Apollo New Crop
Apollo PVC

Metallic surfaces and finishes are in high demand, but using metals can be expensive, heavy and impractical to cover objects that aren’t flat. Our Apollo range of metallic silk PVC comes in five colours; silver, pewter, gold, bronze and the latest addition to the range, red. The fabric is lightweight (355gsm), can be used on a number of different substrates, can easily be used on uneven surfaces or to cover unusual shapes, and is more cost effective than using metals. The antique metal effect provides a strong metallic sheen with good lighting and is ideal for retail displays including shop windows.

18-01-31 Glitter Jazz New_resized
Glitter Jazz & Glitter Disco

In addition, we will be introducing 19 new trend colours to the Glitter Jazz, and two new colours to the Disco Glitter, ranges. What makes the Glitter Jazz range really stand out is the way it has been manufactured. Standard glitters are created using encapsulated pieces of glitter, or plain glitter, that is stuck flat onto the backing. Our Glitter Jazz is randomly stuck to the backing fabric, so regardless of the location of the glitter fabric or the lighting source, it will always catch the light perfectly wherever your audience’s viewpoint is – ideal to bring your display to life and create impact.


We can now overprint both Glitter Jazz and Disco Glitter ranges with your bespoke artwork, and still provide you with the peace of mind that we are the only fire rated provider in the industry. Samples are now available to order via this website, simply go to Products/PVC/Metallic PVC for the Apollo range or Products/Fabrics/Glitter Fabrics for the Glitter Jazz and Disco ranges.


We will be on stand C1 at the VM & Display Show between 18th and 19th April, and on stand F201 at the Retail Design Expo between 2nd and 3rd May. Come and say ‘hello’.

bbrown just keeps getting creative!

bbrown just keeps getting creative – There is so much you can do with bbrown fabrics, beautiful clothing created by Designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis

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bbrown in fashion

Call us biased, but we’ve always thought our products are beautiful. It turns out we are not the only ones, with fashion designers choosing them to create amazing clothes for celebrities!

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself…


Lady Gaga opening a bbrown glitter box– by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.


Azealia Banks wearing bbrown glitter jacket – by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.


Azealia Banks wearing bbrown PVC suit – by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.


Madison Ziegler wearing bbrown glitter trousers – by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.


Bbrown glitter jacket and shorts– by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.


Bbrown glitter waistcoat – by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.



Bbrown glitter dresses – by Shauna Cooper for the Plymouth College Catwalk 2015.

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